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Oriental Rug Cleaning - Master Rug Cleaners

  • Committed to being an expert in rug identification and cleaning
  • Extraordinary work ethic
  • Devotes the time and money to learn and improve
  • Dedicated to providing the best service possible

Combine all these ingredients and you get a Certified Master Rug Cleaner!

This is not a correspondence course but a hands-on, 
real time training in an active 100 year old rug plant.


Rug Repair Series

robertmannMaster Rug Cleaner® and Robert Mann Oriental Rugs in Denver, Colorado, partner to offer The Master Rug Repair series of rug repair and restoration classes.  In a field crowded with individuals shouting their promises to turn one overnight into the "the go to guy" in their town, the mission of the Master Rug Cleaner program is that there is a need for classes that teach real life practical skills.

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Get This 19-chapter Mega-resource

osrc cove125

Written for the rug cleaning professional. Many books have been written on oriental rugs with an emphasis on history, structure, culture and identification with cleaning as an afterthought.  Many of these authors have limited firsthand experience with the challenges of day-to-day commercial rug cleaning and repair.

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Wools of New Zealand now recommends Master Rug Cleaners

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