Hand-Tufted Rugs - Part 2

Hand Tufted Image 2, white latex backing
With the growing popularity of area rugs, many consumers have stayed with the traditional Oriental rug, while others want a varied and contemporary look that can be found with hand-tufted rugs. 

In July we discussed hand-tufted rugs from India and China, which are positioned toward lower price points. This time we are looking at the higher-quality segment of custom hand-tufted area rugs. Some of the best know names in this category are Edward Fields, V’Soske, Scott Group, Hokanson, Carousel Mills, and Tai Ping. These rugs are made with wool or wool/silk face yarns and have served as floor coverings in such prestigious places as the White House. 


Hand-Tufted Rugs - Part 1

One of the trends in soft floor covering the rug specialist should be aware of is the hand-tufted rug. This rug has become very popular in the last 20 years, and varies widely in design, color, and quality. It also comes with several cleaning concerns. 


The construction principles of hand-tufted rugs are very similar; however, there are several different levels of quality. First, a plain-woven cotton foundation material is stretched over a frame. A design is sketched on this cotton primary backing, and a hand-held pneumatic tufting gun is used to insert the face yarns (Image 1). 


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