Kudos- Intro to Rug Repair Class

To: Jill Schuller, Mann Rugs

Hi Jill-

Got my class materials and tools and a double portion of yarn today! Thank you!!!!!!
This was the best class I have ever taken, of any sort. You were a real big part of that. Thank you for your patience.

There is not one thing I will do the same as before the class. Already I used the needlepoint canvas to do the patch job, just like Robert said. Today I used the good end secure stitch, and just plied some new side cords and wrapped them and sewed them on like you taught us! It’s like a miracle! Plus “synthetic dyes natural fibers’ came in the mail today from Amazon.

Before, I thought maybe the class was expensive. Now, I see that it is expensive not to take the class.

Please convey to Robert my sincere and effusive thanks and gratitude. I'm not emailing him cause he is too busy.

Take care and regards to everyone-

Oh, below is a picture from a Swedish craft magazine that just came in the mail. This lady who stitches soccer balls has her fingers taped up just like the lady who sits next to you! (Can you show her?) (I forgot her name- my apologies)

Take care-



sewing image1