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  • Synthetic Dye Pot
    Synthetic Dye Pot

    Synthetic dying. Easy to learn.

  • Indigo over-dye green
    Indigo over-dye green
  • Hand Spinning
    Hand Spinning

    Hand spun yarn. The weavers used it; you can too.

  • RMOR dye room
    RMOR dye room

    RMOR dye kitchen. Our classroom.

  • Dye formula book
    Dye formula book

    Color formula book. You will take yours home.

  • Materials

    You can never have enough good materials.

  • Natural dye chart
    Natural dye chart

    Natural dye 'color blanket'. A color test sampler woven for rug production.

  • Natural dyes
    Natural dyes

    Natural dyes and mordants.

  • Hand spun yarns
    Hand spun yarns

    Turkish hand spun yarn.

Materials and Dying for Rug Restorers  (Three Days)

Beginning with a review of materials and structure, this class teaches how to replicate and dye materials for rug repair and restoration.  You can have excellent repair skills, but if your materials and colors do not match, your work will not be successful.  Come and learn the fundamentals of this important restoration skill.

  • An examination of materials found in rugs. What they are and how to match them. Students will learn to use a drop spindle to re-spin materials
  • Chemical washing of restoration materials before and after dying to control luster and weight of wool materials.
  • Dye procedures taught include indigo vat dying, understanding mordants and their effects, madder, cochineal, natural yellow dye sources and indigo over-dying to create green.
  • Synthetic dying using pre-metalized acid dyes
  • Development of dye formula references
  • All dying is hands-on by the students
  • All participants take home dye formula books and sample charts for all materials dyed in class.


Included with $2,495.00 tuition:

  • Drop spindle
  • Take home basic dye kit and a dye formula sheet created in class with dyed yarn samples
  • Handouts with suppliers of tools, materials, instructions, bibliography and copies of unpublished dye articles and information sources.

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