Introduction To Oriental Rug Repair (Three Days)

Introduction To Oriental Rug Repair (Three Days)

  • Tools

    Rug repair and restoration tools.

  • Scissors

    We will use real scissors!

  • End Sewing
    End Sewing

    Blanket stitch, up close.

  • Securing an end.
    Securing an end.
  • Sewing a tear.
    Sewing a tear.

June 6-8, 2018

What you will learn

Basic repair technique for those with only the most basic familiarity with oriental rugs and structure.  These fundamental, day-to-day skills can be sold readily to a broad base of retail and wholesale customers.  Testimonials ».

  • End sewing and securing
  • Hand sewing of machine-made fringes
  • Selvage wrapping and repair
  • Correcting side curling
  • Closing cuts and tears
  • Cutting and finishing electrical cord holes in rugs
  • Velcro® hanging systems
  • Painting
  • Patching
  • Adhesive support patches


Included with $2,500 tuition:

  • Complete tool kit suitable to begin doing the work taught and a copy of Marla Mallett's book "Woven Structures: A Guide To Oriental Rug and Textile Analysis."
  • Rug scrap to work on in class and take home
  • Comprehensive handouts with recommended books and suppliers.

Course Location

Robert Mann Oriental Rugs

5115 Race St., Denver, CO  80216

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