Rug Tour of Iran 2016

Registration deadline is July 1, 2016

October 29 - November 12
14 nights in Iran and 3 (or 1) in Istanbul.



Optional Tour of Istanbul led by Robert Mann

Oct. 26 Wednesday   Arrive Istanbul - rest day, dinner with the group.  Note US$20.00 visa payment is collected at the airport before receiving a Turkish visitors visa (have cash).
Oct. 27 Thursday & Oct. 28 Friday   Tour of Grand Bazaar, Spice Bazaar, Center for Anatolian Textile Studies, Turk ve Islam Museum and rug shops.  (Possible day trip to Izmir visiting a rug repair/restoration facility if we have enough interest).
Oct. 28 Friday   Arrive Istanbul for those not doing the optional tour.  Overnight stay near the airport or arrive Oct. 29 for departure to Shiraz, Iran at 8:20 pm.  If you miss the Turkish Airlines you could be denied entrance to Iran.  We need to travel as a group.

Iran Rug Tour

Oct. 29 Saturday   Day free in Istanbul - depart for Shiraz, Iran on Turkish Airlines Flight TK884 at 8:20 pm arrive midnight as a group.  Ground transport to the hotel.
Oct. 30 Sunday  

Depart Shiraz by bus to visit Persepolis after lunch return to Shiraz.  

Visit Quran Gate and the tomb of Hafiz- dinner at a tea house.

Oct. 31 Monday   Visit the dye, weaving and wash-House of Zollanvari.  Visit the Grand Bazaar.
Nov 1 Tuesday  

Drive south and visit Qashqaii nomads.

Qashqaii Nomads

Nov. 2 Wednesday   Depart Shiraz by bus to Kerman.  Visiting the rug weaving villages of Niriz and Sirjan on the way.
Nov. 3 Thursday   Day in Kerman visiting bazaar and various weaving locations.
Nov. 4 Friday  

Depart Kerman by bus to Yazd an ancient silk road desert town and a center of Zoroastrian and rug weaving.


Nov. 5 Saturday   Morning exploring bazaar and old town, lunch then depart for Isfahan arriving in time for dinner.
Nov. 6 Sunday   Visit Imam Square, handicraft and weaving factories, and the bazaar.
Nov. 7 Monday   Chehel Sotoun Palace, Vank Church, and The Isfahan University of Art
Nov. 8 Tuesday   Depart Isfahan by bus for Kashan to visit rug shops and weaving facilities.
Nov. 9 Wednesday  

Depart Kashan for Tehran via Qom to see silk weaving.  Dinner in Tehran.


Nov. 10 Thursday   Visit Zollanvari Tehran facility.  An afternoon visit to the Grand Bazaar.  Dinner in Tehran.
Nov. 11 Friday   Visit the Carpet Museum, Saad Abad Palace.  Dinner in Darake Mountain area at SPU Restaurant.  If museums are closed we will spend the afternoon in the Darake Mountain area north of Tehran.
Nov. 12 Saturday   Depart 7:40 am flight to Istanbul - connecting flights to the US depart in the afternoon.
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