Back To Back Classes – Master Rug Cleaner

Back 2 Back Rug Repair and ID Classes

Ellen Amirkhan and Aaron Groseclose, in an equal partnership with Robert Mann Rugs, are proud to present a collaborative class.

Master Rug Cleaner (Ellen Amirkhan/Aaron Groseclose) and Robert Mann Oriental Rug Cleaning have partnered to deliver 2 advanced classes back-to-back for our international students.  Advanced Rug Identification (January 22-24, 2019) is held at Oriental Rug Cleaning Co. in Dallas, Texas and taught by Ellen Amirkhan.  Essential Rug Repair (January 28-30, 2019) is held at Robert Mann Oriental Rugs in Denver, Colorado.

The classes are scheduled so that you can fly to Dallas, Texas and then on to Denver, Colorado with a weekend in between.  You can fly out of Dallas on Friday and have the weekend to explore Denver and the Rocky Mountains before the repair class starts on Monday.

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We structured the classes to close together so they can be taken together with one trip. As an added attraction, students are welcome to come a day early or stay a day late to hang out on the wash floors and see how each plant cleans rugs.  Both facilities have a wringer, centrifuge, tumble duster, compressed air dusting, and decontamination tubs or pits.

Any questions can be emailed to Ellen or Robert.

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About the Two Classes

Rug ID Bootcamp

Join us at The Casbah in Dallas, Texas for three days of advanced rug identification.  With over 300 rugs for study and hundreds of rugs in the plant for cleaning, this is your opportunity to take your ID skills to the next level.

Essential Oriental Rug Repair

A three-day immersive course held at Robert Mann’s new, state of the art rug cleaning and repair facility is designed for those with an understanding of oriental rugs and their structure. Regardless of skill level, former students found this class to deliver far beyond their expectations. These essential and fundamental day-to-day skills can be sold readily to a broad base of retail and wholesale customers.

  • End sewing and securing—all commonly used techniques
  • Hand sewing of machine-made fringes
  • Selvage wrapping and repair
  • Correcting side curling
  • Closing cuts and tears
  • VelcroÒ hanging systems
  • Dyeing with both synthetic and natural dyes to achieve colors you can’t buy off the shelf
  • Patching/Adhesive support patches
  • Re-spinning materials with a drop spindle to better match structure