Essential Oriental Rug Repair – Master Rug Cleaner

Essential Oriental Rug Repair

January 28-30, 2019 or July 15-17, 2019

Master Rug Cleaner and Robert Mann Oriental Rugs

Wash Floor—Robert Mann Oriental Rugs

A three-day immersive course held at Robert Mann’s new, state of the art rug cleaning and repair facility is designed for those with an understanding of oriental rugs and their structure. Regardless of skill level, former students found this class to deliver far beyond their expectations. These essential and fundamental day-to-day skills can be sold readily to a broad base of retail and wholesale customers.

  • End sewing and securing—all commonly used techniques
  • Hand sewing of machine-made fringes
  • Selvage wrapping and repair
  • Correcting side curling
  • Closing cuts and tears
  • VelcroÒ hanging systems
  • Dyeing with both synthetic and natural dyes to achieve colors you can’t buy off the shelf
  • Patching/Adhesive support patches
  • Re-spinning materials with a drop spindle to better match structure

Included with $2500.00 tuition:

  1. Complete toolkit suitable to begin doing the work taught and a copy of Marla Mallett’s book Woven Structures: A Guide to Oriental and Textile Analysis”
  2. Rug scrap to work on in class and take home with examples of all techniques taught
  3. Comprehensive hand-outs with recommended books and supplier lists.

Class size limited

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Read through some of the testimonials from our previous classes.

  • Kim Brant

    Dear Ellen, Aaron, & Robert,

    Just wanted to send a quick note to say how much I enjoyed the rug repair course in Dallas last month. I must admit my limited experience in rug repair had me a bit anxious about the course. Thanks to your course, I found confidence in what I am comfortable offering my clients. This was a fantastic value. The Tool Kit and hand-out alone were worth tuition. In my opinion, not only is Robert Mann a leading expert in the field of oriental rug repair, but also in the teaching of oriental rug repair.

    Many thanks Robert, Ellen & Aaron

    Operations Manager

    Kim Brant
    Lowcountry Clean Care
  • Robin McQueen

    Dear Ellen, Aaron & Robert,

    The Rug repair class I attended was way beyond my expectations.  I walked away with such a clearer understanding of rug structure and, therefore, a better knowledge of the correct method to repair them. Robert Mann was extremely patient with us. I have so much more confidence to accept repairs that come to me now.  The book, tools, and hands-on experience really gave me a better ability to add service to my clients. I've already seen my repair business grow since I've left the class.  I am very much looking forward to the next class!

    Thanks very much,

    Robin McQueen
    Robin's Rug Repair / Carpet Care Plus, O'Fallon, IL 
  • Lori

    Dear Robert,

    Got my class materials and tools and a double portion of yarn today! Thank you!!!!!!

    This was the best class I have ever taken, of any sort. You were a real big part of that. Thank you for your patience.

    There is not one thing I will do the same as before the class. Already I used the needlepoint canvas to do the patch job, just like Robert said. Today I used the good end secure stitch, and just plied some new side cords and wrapped them and sewed them on as you taught us! It’s like a miracle! Plus "synthetic dyes natural fibers" came in the mail today from Amazon.

    Before, I thought maybe the class was expensive. Now, I see that it is expensive not to take the class.

    Please convey to Jill my sincere and effusive thanks and gratitude.

    Aladdin Rug Cleaning, San Antonio, Texas

Pictures from our previous classes.