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May 7, 2001

Anti-Allergen Cleaning: A Service For The New Millennium

The scientific community has come to the conclusion that better environmental hygiene will improve people’s health. We in the cleaning industry have intuitively known all along […]
July 12, 2001

Anti-Allergen Cleaning, Part II

With this much interest by the consumer in anti-allergen cleaning, it’s curious the professional carpet cleaner has been so slow to market their services to this […]
April 15, 2002

Rug Display Made Easy

  In the last two Rug Specialist articles, we discussed some simple rug repairs. While rug display is not a repair, it will require some needlework […]
August 14, 2002
Image 1

Rug Repair: Fringe Work

I recently presented an overview of rug repair and examined a simple side cord repair. This time we will look at the most common repair your […]
October 22, 2002

Moths: The Enemy of Wool Rugs

{module Slides – moth damage} The professional rug cleaner should know how to identify the clothes moth, the damage the moths can do, how to get […]

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