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Excerpt of book review by Dr. Steven Spivak

“This splendid, lavishly illustrated and comprehensive new book and cleaning guide will change the way many flooring retailers, professional cleaners, rug aficionados, and our greater RIA (Restoration Industry Association) community will think and learn about oriental, area and specialty rugs.

At 400 pages with over 900 hundred illustrations and photographs, most in full color, plus easy to understand diagrams, maps, and explanatory drawings, this is one special book. It took the authors, highly respected oriental rug and rug cleaning experts, teachers, lecturers and authors, about four years of painstaking effort to bring this new rug cleaning compendium to us. It’s worth the effort and demands serious attention.

There are many cleaning manuals, guides, smaller or insubstantial “books” and the like in our industry. But seldom does such a labor of love, an enormous expense in authors’ time, effort and cost to produce, appear for us to take notice. The Amirkhan and Groseclose oriental and specialty rug cleaning are one of these—”first among equals” in the rug cleaning business. You have my positive recommendation for the rug retailer or collector, rug professional, cleaner and restorer.” 

Dr. Steven Spivak, Falls Church, VA

Dr. Spivak is a 30 + year technical advisor for standards, textiles, and furnishings with the Restoration Industry Association. He is the author of 80 scientific papers and journal articles, 250 + cleaning industry “technical topics” articles published in Cleaning & Restoration magazine and co-author of two seminal books on standards and standardization. His education includes BS and MS degrees in textile engineering and a Ph.D. in fiber and polymer science from the University of Manchester (UK). Dr. Spivak is also a retired Department Chair, University of Maryland.