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Maps of Rug Producing Areas of the World

Master Rug Cleaner is proud to offer four maps of rug producing regions of the world: The Rug Belt, Iran, Turkey and The Caucasus Mountains. They are ready to laminate or frame.

This marketing and educational tool enables you to show your customers and employees where these rugs were produced and opens the door to start a conversation about the rug’s origin and history and provide context to places and names that are not a part of non-rug experts’ vernacular.

In creating the maps, we based the locations on several sources including but not limited to National Geographic, Google Maps, rug maps from Iran and recognized texts, many of which were not in agreement with each other. Given that, “close counts!” In other words, DO NOT try to navigate to the New World using these maps!

The maps do not include every rug producing city, village or region, but focus on rugs most commonly encountered in a cleaning facility.

Have fun with the Rug Maps – use them as a resource for employee training and to connect with your customers.

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