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MRC Class Testimonials

“Thank you I learned so much at the class. It was inspiring and overwhelming how much there is to know about rugs, and how much we can and need to improve on in Atlanta. Thank you for your tutelage, and I’m sure we’ll be in touch soon. Take care!”




“The class superseded my expectations. I’ve been highly motivated since good ol “Jimmy(Jian)” and I have returned. I have even purchased a couple of hideous hand-made rugs.”

“Thank you again for your insight and for making class enjoyable.”




“I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for the class last week. Of all the classes I have ever done, this was certainly one of the best. The small group allowed for a great environment and atmosphere for learning.”

“I also appreciate you allowing me to come back on the Friday and interact with your team and the opportunity to get your perspective on things from outside the course, such as equipment, chemicals, marketing and business in general.”

“Having said all that, what I enjoyed the most was meeting you. Clearly you are very knowledgeable and a wealth of experience. But incredibly warm and open and I certainly felt welcome by not only yourself, but Jennifer, Armen and all others that work at your facility.”

“If you ever get the itch to visit Australia again, you are certainly welcome to come visit. Thanks again!”

Oriental Rug Wash



“Thank you for hosting the Master Rug Cleaner class. Aaron and I had a great time learning and growing with everyone. We are happy we made the decision to join the class. Thanks for opening our minds and helping us better our business. I’m grateful for the time we had to hang out and network together. It’s going to help take us and the business to the next level. Please let Armen and Jennifer know we appreciate the material they presented as well.”

Jared Reeves



“I wanted to thank you for all of the experience and expertise you brought to this class. I learned much and have been putting bits and pieces of the wisdom you have shared into practice. I’m a new cleaner and have a long ways to go but I’m excited about the future. Thanks again.”

Peter Smith
Smiths Fine Rug Cleaning
Las Vegas, Nevada



“I went to the Master Rug Cleaner course in 2008 and it was the best business decision I ever made.  I added 4000 square feet to my facility just for rug cleaning and have never looked back.  I recommend this class to anyone wanting to take their rug cleaning to the next level.”

Ron Verga, Sr.
Ron’s Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning
Greenville, South Carolina


As the owner of Cunningham’s Rug Cleaning in Maryland, it is important to keep our team educated and trained.

After I attended the Master Rug Cleaner class, I was so impressed with the quality and quantity of knowledge taught at the program, I sent 8 of our employees.

Ellen and Aaron deliver the entire rug cleaning training at the Oriental Rug Cleaning Co., plant in Dallas, TX. They have a dedicated training room, fully equipped facility and a hands-on teaching operation that has no equal in the industry. In addition to teaching the technical aspects of rug cleaning, this course addresses building and running a successful rug cleaning business.

Become a Certified Master Rug Cleaner and stand above your competition.

Chip Cunningham, President


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I became Master Rug Cleaner certified in 2010 and it was the best rug move I could have made!! There are now only 16 MRC in the UK so it does reap us all, some great benefits …  just a shame Ellen & Aaron don’t visit our shores more often.

Chris Straker
Straker Eco Rug Care
Surrey, UK


Loved, loved, loved the class!! Thanks so much for such a wonderful time of learning and forming new friendships!

Tim Fain
Exceptional Carpet and Rug Cleaning
Edmond, OK


The Master Rug Cleaner Program is AWESOME. It may look expensive, but it is the best value in the industry. It is not a 3-day course or even a 1-week course as some critics ignorantly assume. It is an ONE YEAR APPRENTICESHIP under two of the most knowledgeable and professional people in the industry, Ellen Amirkhan and Aaron Groseclose. If you are serious about being the BEST and you are ready to step up to the next level – SIGN UP for this program. I did about two years ago, and it was one of the smartest decisions I have ever made for my business.

Michael K. Brummett
BASIC Carpet Care
Lawrence, KS


Thanks for putting on the class.  On Monday morning, I started changing the way we do things and I can already notice a marked improvement.  Being around other people who do the same thing I do and feeding off of your and their passion really reignited a fire in me to step up everything we do in order to deliver a far superior product compared to everyone else.  I am really looking forward to the next class in October 2011.

Brian Terpstra
Coit Services
Modesto, CA


What a great experience it was to take part in your Master Rug Cleaner Program.  It is great to learn from someone who practices what they teach day in and day out.  I was also very impressed with the politeness and professionalism of your staff.  You have a group of true winners.  Looking forward to October.

Best Regards,

Mike Brummett
Basic Carpet Care
Lawrence, Kansas


Thank you Ellen and Aaron for your great teaching and hospitality.  {xtypo_quote_right}You guys are great teachers.{/xtypo_quote_right}You guys are great teachers.  Thanks for helping me get around and being comfortable!

Sam Greenfield
SC Pro Services
Austin, Texas


Dallas was very informative.  Ellen & Aaron were, as usual, very professional and open to answering any questions.  I would highly recommend this course to anybody looking to expand their knowledge.  From my research, I believe that this is probably the best course to attend!

Stephen Muncey
Brisbane, Queensland


had a couple of picture-perfect Kermans in here about a month ago, the thick, coarse wool made them an easy age period to ID.  We also saw a house filled with American Sarouks — all original to the house and about 80+ years old.  Its been a lot of fun so far, and the coolest part is when you can walk into someone’s home and say (in my best Aaron G impersonation), “Oh, Mrs. Jones, what a lovely Sarouk or Kashan or Hamadan you have!”  It gives you instant credibility!

David Sweeney
Sweeney Bros.
Bloomington, Illinois


Thanks again for your help on the Peshawar rug.  (Hrattah did a great job shearing the rug and we finally collected for the rug and stone restoration.)  Chalk up another $5000 return-on-investment on your Mastery Program!

Ken Rogers, Master Rug Cleaner
Beacon CArpet Cleaning


My wife and I have just been to America . . .to the conference “Connections” held in Las Vegas.  The knowledge Ellen and Aaron passed on to the attendees was very impressive and we have enrolled in the Master Rug Cleaning Program that will begin next year.

Aaron and Ellen teach the Master Rug Cleaning Program in Dallas, Texas at Ellen’s place of business, Oriental Rug Cleaning Company.  The course is 3 days in March and 3 more days in October.  The course is comprehensive and covers Rug Cleaning, Fringe Cleaning, Rug ID, Rug Origin, Dye Bleeding, Repairs, and other topics relevant to owning a rug cleaning business.  Aaron’s and Ellen’s full support and knowledge also comes with the class, so my associate, Phillip McGurk and myself will be attending to further our knowledge to better service our clients in Rug Cleaning.

Garry Carroll
All Aces Services
Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast


It was a blast and a wonderful learning experience.

It was a blast and a wonderful learning experience. I just got back from the first three days of the Master Rug Cleaner class. It was a blast and a wonderful learning experience. Not only did we learn a ton from Aaron and Ellen, but we had a great time getting to know each other and how we can benefit each other’s business. I am looking forward to our return visit in October and will enjoy the self-study and homework over the next several months.

David Sweeney
Sweeney Bros.
Bloomington, Illinois


I want to say a sincere THANKS to the entire team at Oriental Rug Cleaning Co.

All of you were helpful to me during the rug class. You answered every question, patiently showed me the correct method and allowed me to try it myself. This happened in the classroom, the wash pit, and the repair room.

Ken Rogers
Beacon Carpet Cleaning
Dana Point, CA


Thanks for not trying to sell us chemicals or products we don’t need or that you don’t normally use in your everyday routine. What impressed me most was that you answered every question and you never lost your cool! Your school has made a dramatic, positive change in my business. Thank you very much.

R. L. Osborn
Osborn Carpet Cleaning
Monterey, CA


Everything was beneficial and well worth the cost.

It was great to learn from such experts. I would recommend this class to everyone.

Brian Ritchie
Mr. Steam’s Valley Steam Carpet Clean
Jerome, ID


Thanks, Ellen, for all your guidance and knowledge.

It was great being in the class. I still can’t figure out how you hand picked such an awesome group. I’m checking rugs and working on rug identification as you will see when I send my reports. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and expertise.

Norma McCormick
Norma’s Fine Oriental Rug Cleaning
Tempe, Arizona


What a pleasure it was for Pim and I to meet you and view your plant.

We greatly enjoyed the first part of our class and look forward to the “next time” portion in October.

Thank you for this great opportunity to learn the Oriental rug cleaning business. We believe we are learning from the best. I now find myself peaking under the corners of every rug I go by just to see if I can figure out where it’s from. Pim decided that the Armenian way and the Dutch way are very similar in theory and practical application.

Pim & Pamela Hoogland
Pim’s Incorporated Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners
Meridian, Idaho


Thanks again for the great training.

It was a wonderful learning experience and I’m sure it will be extremely helpful in many ways.
You (Ellen) are a very hard-working and dedicated person and I’m sure that those around you appreciate it very much!

Brian Wright
Santa Fe Floor Care
Austin, TX


You guys are Great!

Thank you for the time, effort, energy and secrets that you have given us.

Kim Adams
Santa Cruz Rug Cleaning Co.
Santa Cruz, CA


Dear Aaron and Ellen:

I more than got my money’s worth in the first three days of the Master Rug Cleaner Program. As soon as I got home, I started implementing changes in my facility and cleaning procedures. Had I not been a part of this program, I would not have come up with these ideas. I look forward to seeing you both in November for part two!


Greg Trigeiro
Twins Carpet Cleaning
Escondido, CA


Dear Ellen & Aaron

Firstly, I would like to thank you both very much for putting on such a great course.  Over the 2 x 3 days, I learned a great deal, met some great people and had a very enjoyable time. I am a great believer in “continuing education” and try and see the whole cleaning business as a constant learning process.  As a result of which, I try and attend quality courses whenever I can make the time.

The three main benefits as I see it are to improve my technical knowledge, network with the others on the course (as a result of which i went inro stone restoration and rugs) and last, but certainly not least to use in my marketing. Suffice to say, all three boxes have been ticked as a result of my attendance in Dallas.

Best wishes,

Peter Rowan
The Carpet Doctor
Cheltenham, UK


I have studied under Aaron Groseclose and Ellen Amirkhan for many years. The first time I went to one of their courses and learned how to identify Persian rugs I learned a ton.

The day after I got back from the course, I went to look at an old dingy carpet. The client had Oriental rugs EVERYWHERE! I started commenting on the rugs. “Boy that’s a wonderful Nain you have there” and so on. It took about 3 comments before she responded “Oh, you seem to know a lot about rugs — can you tell me what this one is (pointing at one of her rugs). I told her what type of rug it was. She said “No, I don’t think so, and pulled out her rug invoices (she owned 32 valuable rugs)! When she pulled out the invoice for the rug in question, she goes “You’re EXACTLY RIGHT!” and I walked out with a $5,000.00 rug cleaning order. So get as MUCH education as you possibly can on that subject.

Howard Partridge
Houston, TX


As a carpet cleaning business owner for 26 years, we have learned that the best asset to our business is continuing education and experience.  Our business was changing and oriental rug cleaning was quickly moving to the forefront.  We have Master Textile certification and are a Certified Firm and were looking for a course that was more than a cleaning course.  The Master Rug Cleaner program was exactly what we were looking for because it included hands-on experience taught by two of the best in the industry, Ellen Amirkhan and Aaron Groseclose.  There is a difference when you are being taught by two experts that share a combined 60 years of firsthand experience with their students.  As a company that puts pride in workmanship first, we were enthused that our instructor’s were attentive to detail and passionate about their work.  We feel a sense of pride knowing that we can always turn to them with questions whenever needed.  Because of our 26 years of experience, my husband and I only expected to learn so much.  This course more than exceeded our expectations.  We applied lessons learned to existing practices and improved our service by adding oriental rug repairs.  The best part is, we now see the appreciation and respect our customers have for our service because of our advanced expertise.  Regardless if you are an experienced oriental rug cleaner or not, the Master Rug Cleaner program will benefit you and your company.

Matt and Kim Cole
Cole’s Carpet & Upholstery Co.
Castro Valley, California


We have been in business here in Pueblo, Co. for about 30 years. After many years of “guesswork cleaning”, my supplier suggested I take a carpet cleaning class offered by the I.I.C.R.C. thus beginning my quest for knowledge in my chosen field. I can’t recall all of the many classes I have taken throughout the years. The most memorable class I have ever taken has to be Aaron Groseclose and Ellen Amirkhan’s two-part Master rug identification and cleaning class. The class meets in Dallas, Texas at Ellen’s rug cleaning plant. The first part of the class is held in March and the second part of the class is offered in October. The cost of the book is $500.00 and is money well spent. If you are venturing into this lucrative aspect of cleaning, I would strongly suggest you take this informative and interesting class.

Larry Trujillo
Trujillo’s Steam Clean
Pueblo, Colorad



I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for the opportunity and privilege of being with you last week!  It was awesome!  Thank you for sharing your expertise with us.

On Jordan’s first job this morning, he uncovered an antique Turkish and an Indo hand-tufted rug in a client’s home!!  Pretty exciting!!!

Thanks again!!

Karen King,
Sani-bright Cleaning & Restoration