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Rayon: The Fiber That Just Won’t Go Away

Rayon rugs are difficult to clean. As they continue to grow in popularity, be prepared. Cleaners have encountered rayon in upholstery fabric for years. But designers […]

#1 Urine Decontamination System for Rugs

Qualify the rug with your customer as urine damage may cause bleeding during immersion. Also, staining from urine often is permanent on natural fibers. First dust […]

When to Hold ’Em and When to Fold ’Em

Initially published on Cleanfax July 2018 There are many popular — yet problematic — rugs today. How well do you know them? Here’s a secret: Rug […]

Exploring Iranian Rug Making

Weavers bring children to work, a rug four years in the making, and anti-US demonstrations in pictures.

The Beauty of Iranian Rug-Making

This past fall, Master Rug Cleaner hosted a two-week rug tour of Iran. We were extremely fortunate to have Zollanvari, the largest producer of handmade rugs […]

What’s New With Rugs?

[layerslider id=”2″] Two hot items at retail these days are Tibetan and hand-loomed rugs from India. Rugs woven with a Tibetan knot have been very popular […]

To Bleach or Not To Bleach?

During several recent rug seminars, the topic of bleach has become of interest. Should a rug cleaning specialist use bleach? Let’s take a look at this […]

Rug Touring in England

This past May (2014), Certified Master Rug Cleaner hosted a second rug and cultural tour to the United Kingdom. (Our first tour was to Turkey in […]

Rayon: A Rug Specialist’s Challenge

What do artificial silk, art. silk, banana silk, viscose, bamboo silk, allo silk, cactus silk, soya silk, modal, cuprammonium, lyocell, triacetate, and acetate have in common? […]

Silk Rugs: What Can a Cleaner Do?

In my last article, which appeared in the May issue of ICS, we discussed rayon viscous or artificial silk [REVIEW] that is often assumed by rug […]

Rug Repair Part 6: Torn Corners

{module Slides – rug Repair 6}Corner repairs are probably one of the most common “rug fixes” needed by your customers. Area rug corners get a lot […]

Rug Repair Part 5: Curling Edges

{module Slides – rug Repair 5} Last time we discussed sides and selvage repair. Now we will look at curling edges – why rugs won’t lay […]

Rug Repair Part 4: Sides and Selvages

{module Slides – rug Repair 4}  Last time we discussed fringe repair, so now we move on to the second most common repair request – the […]

Rug Repair Part 3: How to Deal with Worn Fringes

Customers are often very concerned about fringe appearance, as they want them white and clean In the last rug repair article we discussed rug-end finishes and […]

Rug Repair Part 2: Rug-End Securing

The most common repair request is correcting damage to a rug’s ends. Last time we discussed general principles of rug repair and how to get started. […]

Rug Repair Part 1: Introduction

{module Rug Repair Part 1 Images} Rug repair is a craft requiring knowledge and skill. Why offer rug repair? Being a full service rug cleaning and […]

Rug Touring in Turkey: Part III

{module Slides – Turkey Tour 3} This is the final chapter of the Master Rug Cleaner Tour of Turkey. We saw the main tourist destinations of […]

Rug Touring in Turkey: Part II

{module Slides – Turkey 2} We began our most excellent Turkish adventure with rug shopping in Istanbul, a visit to Antique Textile Conservation in Izmir and […]

Rug Touring in Turkey: Part I

{module Slides – Rug Tour Turkey 1} In the months of May and June (2012), Ellen Amirkhan and I led a group of Master Rug Cleaners […]

Revisiting Moths and Wool Rugs: 10 Years Later

Adult clothes moths do not cause damage – it is the larvae, which actually feed on wool, they produce that cause the problem. There are only […]

Turkish Rugs

This time we are going to look at rugs from Turkey. We have not discussed rugs from this country before and it seems time we do. […]

Rug Cleaning 101: Products to Successfully Clean Area Rugs

This month we will look at the parameters of cleaning products to successfully clean area rugs – the fifth and last in the series Rug Cleaning […]

Rug Cleaning 101: Equipping Your Facility

In the past three articles of our series Rug Cleaning 101, we discussed the importance of receiving training before starting rug cleaning, why you should be […]

The Rug Pre-Cleaning Inspection Process

Previously, we discussed the importance of attending a training course before launching into your rug cleaning business. Now let’s turn our attention to the pre-cleaning inspection […]

New S100 Standard Going to Press

{xtypo_dropcaps}I{/xtypo_dropcaps}n February (2011) the IICRC “S100 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Carpet Cleaning” was mentioned. The good news is the 2011 Edition is about to […]

Rug Cleaning 101

I have been writing The Rug Cleaning Specialist for 15 years, and every year another crop of new cleaners dip their toes into the industry waters, […]

Why Rug Identification is Important

When I do rug cleaning courses, invariably a student will say, “Just tell me how to clean it. Why do I need to know what the […]

Allergy Relief Through Environmental Control

The rug-cleaning specialist works with customers who tend to have high-value home furnishings. This customer is more affluent and better educated than average, and is concerned […]

Machine-Woven Carpet in Europe

Last time, we touched on machine-woven carpet in the United States. The story is incomplete, however, if we ignore how woven carpet developed in Europe.  In […]

A Tale of Two Rugs

If you have attended a rug training course, odds are the Ardabil Carpet was briefly discussed. It is very interesting how a 500-year-old rug and its […]

Cleaning For Health – A New Perspective

Several cleaning companies have taken a bold new approach to marketing their services to customers who have concerns about the health of their family.  It is […]

Joseph Marie Jacquard: a Textile Weaving Revolutionary

In June we discussed French rugs; today we will look at a Frenchman who revolutionized the weaving of patterned textiles. What does Jacquard have in common […]

French Rugs

We have French toast, French cuffs, French nails, French food, wine and even a kiss, so why are French rugs not well known? Most likely it […]

Natural Fibers and the Rug Cleaning Specialist

What happened to the good old days when rugs were, for the most part, wool face-fibers?  Here’s a list of just some of the natural fibers […]

The Greening of Rugs

We are all aware of the trend of companies going “green.” This has extended to the rug manufacturing industry as well. If a fiber is from […]

Anti-Allergen Cleaning, Part I

Whether in good times or bad, it is always worth your while to take a look at services with the potential to help increase sales in […]

Oriental Rugs and Water Loss

Due to the series of flooding tragedies in the Midwest, the times seems right to discuss water damage and its impact on Oriental rugs. The homeowner […]

The Moore Co. and the Emergence of New Equipment

In-plant rug cleaning has a long history in the United States and Europe. In the 1950s the U.S. had more than 200 large in-plant rug cleaning […]

Cleaning Wool Fiber Rugs

  In several of the calls I have recently received from novice rug cleaners, they describe a rug only as “wool” or “silk.” True, this is […]

Hand-Tufted Rugs – Part 2

With the growing popularity of area rugs, many consumers have stayed with the traditional Oriental rug, while others want a varied and contemporary look that can […]

Hand-Tufted Rugs – Part 1

One of the trends in soft floor covering the rug specialist should be aware of is the hand-tufted rug. This rug has become very popular in […]

Emmanuel’s: Since 1907 and Still Going Strong

Emmanuel’s Rug & Upholstery in Seattle is one of the oldest and most respected rug-cleaning companies in the country. It is a fourth-generation family owned and […]

Show Me The Green

Consumers and government agencies are not the only ones who are driving the interest (or requirement) of using products and systems that are environmentally preferable or […]

Road Map to Rug Identification

In past pre-cleaning inspection articles we discussed the potential to make costly mistakes when working with the expensive rugs of your clients.  Problems with rugs stem […]

The Rug Renovating Company – A League of Its Own

The Rug Renovating Company, the oldest rug cleaning business in the United States, was founded in 1896 in New York and has been family owned and […]

Mann Rugs & Talisman

Cleaning, Conservation and Restoration of Fine Rugs Who would you call to clean your museum collection of Navajo rugs, or a newly discovered pre-Columbian textile? Recently, […]

The Rug Cleaning Specialist 10 Years Later

It was 10 years ago when I first discussed with Howard Olansky, the co-founder of ICS Cleaning Specialist, the idea of doing a column on rug […]

Pre-Cleaning Inspection of Hand-Knotted Rugs

In a previous article we discussed the pre-cleaning inspection of specialty rugs. This time we will look at potential problems with hand-knotted rugs. Our industry standard […]

Oriental Rug Cleaning Approaches the Century Mark

Occasionally, The Rug Cleaning Specialist turns its attention to some of the premier rug cleaning companies around the country, visiting several plants to see what makes […]

A New Cleaning Trend: Anti-Allergen Services

  The rug-cleaning specialist is a person who works with customers who tend to have valuable home furnishings. This customer is more affluent, better educated, and […]

Pre-Cleaning Inspection of Specialty Rugs

  The most important step in rug cleaning occurs before the cleaning process begins. This process is the pre-cleaning inspection of the rug.   We can’t always […]

Carpet Diem

What is the current state of the rug market? It is strong as ever. In fact, U.S. machine-made rugs can stake claim to about 16 percent […]

Identifying Karastan Rugs

Karastan® first began manufacturing rugs in 1928. The original company was part of the department store giant Marshall Field of Chicago. It was called “The Wonder […]

Cleaning Wool Rugs and the Mystery of pH

During the last few years, rug cleaners have received mixed signals on pH levels for their cleaning solutions. Is there something new under the sun? Most […]

Profile: Carousel Carpet Mills

Carousel Mills is a manufacturer of high-end, all-natural fiber rugs, carpet and tapestries. You may not be familiar with the brand, but you should recognize the […]

Marketing Anti-Allergen Services

  In the September 2003 installment of “The Rug Cleaning Specialist,” we discussed mattress cleaning as an overlooked service. Now, let’s look at marketing guidelines for […]

Mattress Cleaning: An Overlooked Service

Many vendors are offering mattress-cleaning business opportunities. Why is this service getting so much attention? Mattress cleaning and allergen removal really started in Europe about 15 […]

American Sarouk

The last three installments of “The Rug Cleaning Specialist” have looked at key Persian rugs. This review would not be complete without including rugs from the […]

Identifying and Understanding the Gabbeh Rug

December 2002 issue of ICS magazine we examined the Hamadan rug. This time we will look at a rug that comes from southwestern Persia – the […]

Kerman Carpets

This is another in a series of looks at key Persian rugs. Kermans are one of the most commonly encountered hand-knotted rugs. In 1270 Marco Polo […]

Persian Hamadan Rug

The United States imposed a ban on Iranian products in 1987 in response to clashes in the Persian Gulf. Since the embargo ended two years ago, […]

Moths: The Enemy of Wool Rugs

{module Slides – moth damage} The professional rug cleaner should know how to identify the clothes moth, the damage the moths can do, how to get […]

Rug Repair: Fringe Work

I recently presented an overview of rug repair and examined a simple side cord repair. This time we will look at the most common repair your […]

Rug Display Made Easy

  In the last two Rug Specialist articles, we discussed some simple rug repairs. While rug display is not a repair, it will require some needlework […]

Anti-Allergen Cleaning, Part II

With this much interest by the consumer in anti-allergen cleaning, it’s curious the professional carpet cleaner has been so slow to market their services to this […]

Anti-Allergen Cleaning: A Service For The New Millennium

The scientific community has come to the conclusion that better environmental hygiene will improve people’s health. We in the cleaning industry have intuitively known all along […]

So You Want To Be An Appraiser?

It takes more than a love for rugs and textiles to make the appraisal cut. You do not need to be an appraiser to clean and […]

Determining the Value of an Oriental Rug

{module Slides – Determining the Value of an Oriental Rug} By educating yourself on how a rug’s value is determined, you can decrease your liability and […]

Caring and Maintaining Wool Carpet, Part 1

Wool as a floor covering textile has steadily gained in popularity in recent years. The use of this age-old natural fiber can be traced to the […]

Fugitive Dye Removal

As promised in a past Rug Cleaning Specialist column, I will address the topic of removing fugitive dyes from areas rugs. The principles can be applied […]