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When to Hold ’Em and When to Fold ’Em

Initially published on Cleanfax July 2018 There are many popular — yet problematic — rugs today. How well do you know them? Here’s a secret: Rug […]

Exploring Iranian Rug Making

Weavers bring children to work, a rug four years in the making, and anti-US demonstrations in pictures.

The Beauty of Iranian Rug-Making

This past fall, Master Rug Cleaner hosted a two-week rug tour of Iran. We were extremely fortunate to have Zollanvari, the largest producer of handmade rugs […]

What’s New With Rugs?

Two hot items at retail these days are Tibetan and hand-loomed rugs from India. Rugs woven with a Tibetan knot have been very popular for over […]

To Bleach or Not To Bleach?

During several recent rug seminars, the topic of bleach has become of interest. Should a rug cleaning specialist use bleach? Let’s take a look at this […]

Rug Touring in England

This past May (2014), Certified Master Rug Cleaner hosted a second rug and cultural tour to the United Kingdom. (Our first tour was to Turkey in […]

Rayon: A Rug Specialist’s Challenge

What do artificial silk, art. silk, banana silk, viscose, bamboo silk, allo silk, cactus silk, soya silk, modal, cuprammonium, lyocell, triacetate, and acetate have in common? […]

Silk Rugs: What Can a Cleaner Do?

In my last article, which appeared in the May issue of ICS, we discussed rayon viscous or artificial silk [REVIEW] that is often assumed by rug […]