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April 26, 2000

Fugitive Dye Removal

As promised in a past Rug Cleaning Specialist column, I will address the topic of removing fugitive dyes from areas rugs. The principles can be applied […]
May 7, 2001

Anti-Allergen Cleaning: A Service For The New Millennium

The scientific community has come to the conclusion that better environmental hygiene will improve people’s health. We in the cleaning industry have intuitively known all along […]
July 12, 2001

Anti-Allergen Cleaning, Part II

With this much interest by the consumer in anti-allergen cleaning, it’s curious the professional carpet cleaner has been so slow to market their services to this […]
September 14, 2004

Cleaning Wool Rugs and the Mystery of pH

During the last few years, rug cleaners have received mixed signals on pH levels for their cleaning solutions. Is there something new under the sun? Most […]
July 12, 2005

Pre-Cleaning Inspection of Specialty Rugs

  The most important step in rug cleaning occurs before the cleaning process begins. This process is the pre-cleaning inspection of the rug.   We can’t always […]

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